Help needed mixing yml and md files on a hugo site

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I started a page using, GitHub Pages along with the theme Arcana for Hugo . I like the landingpage.yml and I would like to have a second yml-file with a customizable menu position while all other files are generated from markdown-files. I got everything to work locally expect the second yml-file. How can I archive this? Thanks for reading and helping

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Can anybody help here?

Could you re-phrase your question perhaps?

Ok, here we go. From Arcana for Hugo there is a file data\homepage.yml. This homepage.yml holds the content of the first page when the website is opened. In the folder content\ are the markdown files. There is a file inside. It’s content is:

title: Home
menu: main
weight: 10

If I change weight the menu position changes. If I click on home it shows me the page made from homepage.yml. The themes\arcana\ of Arcana for Hugo says:

## Configuration
See the exampleSite folder. The elements on the homepage are defined in
`data/homepage.yml`, where you can choose which appear and configure them.
The mostly-empty `` files are required for marking of the active menu
item to work correctly.

I would like to have another yml-file that acts exactly like the homepage.yml. How can I do that? When I search my local installation for homepage.yml I only get one hit, which is in the themes\arcana\ Where is it configured?

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You might get help from the theme author

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I’m not sure if the author is still active. I’ll try to ask him there.

Check their GitHub profile for more contact details.