Hugo editor dashboard (markdown creator)

I’ve put together a minimalist YAML Frontmatter Markdown Editor for Hugo Static Site Generator. It is a client-side JavaScript app to write YAML frontmatter and Markdown content files. You can customize it and integrate with your Hugo workflow.

The purpose:
Is to facilitate editor’s workflow. A client-side admin panel (dashboard) where users can enter content, including text and images, that goes to Hugo. Prepare markdown and frontmatter according to the requirements of your setup. Process images that go with the content in a consistent manner.

Key Features:
Customizable YAML Frontmatter: generate YAML frontmatter matching your project’s needs from a webform (simply edit fields as you require)
Image Management: Add, remove, and reorder images, name them consistently, convert to webp and list filenames within YAML frontmatter - automatically!
WebP Conversion: Convert images to the WebP format for optimized deployment.
Word Document Parsing: This is a really nice feature! Upload content in docx to convert Word documents to Markdown, immediately ready for user-friendly editing and further deployment.

Why use this Dashboard?

Simple: Easily integrate into your existing workflow with minimal setup, just edit YAML fields to meet your requirements.
Efficiency: Boost content creators’ productivity with a user-friendly interface and file uploads features.
Customization: Edit the html / js source to fit your specific project requirements effortlessly

How to integrate it?

Costs nothing, and only creates markdown for you. You can use live demo as a standalone file converter / editor, or you can clone the code, adjust it, and integrate with your VPS to upload Hugo-ready file package (md and webp images in a single zip file) to your Hugo dir structure. You will need to edit the code to match with your frontmatter specifications.

There is no ‘live website preview’ feature. It’s just a reusable content editor to generate content files in a user-friendly fashion aimed for further use with Hugo. This is not a CMS, but a client-side user interface to help create consistently formatted md and image files.

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