Goldmark: Underscores in heading classes

Greetings to everybody. Guys I managed to find problem adding classes with double underscores in my headings. I need it to match BEM methodology in my project, but I got wrong rendering. Is there any way to escape this problem?

## What we mean by DevOps { class="about-devops__title" }

And I at once get

## What we mean by <span>DevOps</span> { class="about-devops\_\_title" }

And Html renders the same way.

Would be grateful for any advise.

Cannot reproduce your issue in Hugo 0.80.0

On my end
## What we mean by DevOps { class="about-devops__title" }
<h2 class="about-devops__title" id="what-we-mean-by-devops-1">What we mean by DevOps</h2>

Also make sure that you have configured Goldmark properly:

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I have 0.76. Maybe this is the problem. I will try to update Hugo and see if the problem is gone. Thank you for the clue.

Unfortunately, updating hugo did not work for me. Could you please let me know, which settings you use for your Goldmark? Thank you in advance.

On top of the default configuration I set unsafe to true.

Perhaps you need to provide a repo that reproduces the problem.

Yeah, this configuration is turned on. As for the repo, I wish I could. Project is confidential( But to be honest I use standard settings out of box. Just switched this option for goldmark and the rest is absolutely standard, basically this is why I am confused. Especially now, since I realize, that another user does not have the same issue(

If you have the time try creating a sample repo with dummy content that reproduces the problem and share it.

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Thank you. Will try to do it right now.