Go e-commerce workflow: Ponzu CMS + Hugo + Snipcart

A guide to Golang e-commerce is a 2 years old article with instructions about setting up an e-shop with Go tools, that hasn’t been posted in this forum as far as I know.

The workflow consists of:

  1. Using Ponzu CMS to manage the product backend and generate a JSON API
  2. Using a simple Go package to split the JSON into Markdown pages for each product from within a Hugo project.
  3. Integrating Snipcart in Hugo to deliver the front-end shopping layer.

I am currently experimenting with this workflow and the only drawback so far, is that Ponzu’s interface is kind of ‘meh’.

However I am really happy because this is the most straightforward workflow -so far- that does not depend on npm or PHP.

P.S. I kind of hope that Hugo will get some form of internal method to generate pages from data -so that step 2 above can be skipped-, but at the moment the scope of the related issues #5074 and #6310 seems like a quest to solve The Final Problem


I was thinking of doing PONZU, but I get the sense the project is being abandoned… what’s your impression?

At the time of writing this, the latest commit at the Ponzu repo, was on Jan the 2nd 2020, so it doesn’t seem like a really abandoned project.

I went further into testing since I wrote the original post above and I discovered that the Go script for splitting the JSON to Markdown (in step 2.) throws console errors in the latest Go. Haven’t really had the time to look into fixing it, as I am caught up in other matters at the moment.

However Ponzu appears to work as intended.

let me know when you get back into it… I am going to try it out soon… perhaps we could collaborate.