Problems deploying Hugo site to Gitlab

macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra
Golang 1.9.2
Hugo 0.31.1 (just updated)
Git 2.13.0

Hello, I’ve had an issue up on the Gitlab forum for a few hours now but there have been no answers yet. People seem to be more responsive here so, here goes!

I’ve got the first version of my Hugo site working locally, but when I push to Gitlab it seems that Gitlabs’s CI is not kicking in, with the result that I don’t see any resultant site. I understand that as a humble newcomer I am limited to just 2 links so I’m going to use them wisely I hope.

Could someone check my Gitlab repo at and tell me why I cannot see anything when I try to access the site at Thanks in advance.

Your pipeline failed. See

I do not have permission to see what went wrong.

If you click on the red button you will see the CI output and what caused the build failure.

Your .gitlab-ci.yml is just the go template, that’s probably why. Replace it with this:

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Also now you have 2 gitlab-ci.yml in your project.

You need to have just one. Use the .gitlab-ci.yml that @jgillich pointed out and remove the other one.

Also thank you @jgillich for pointing out the monachus/hugo Docker image. I had no idea about it and I was using the outdated hugo/publysher.

Hello Jakob, thanks for the reply. I have removed the duplicates and have placed your .gitlab-ci.yml in my folder and redeployed. The CI is still showing failure. What could it be?