GitLab CI Folder issue

I’m building a HUGO template and I noticed a funny bug while publishing on GitLab Pages.

The directories in /content/blog/ are build exactly like they are. So not with their “slug” but with the directory name /2018_01_18_article1
If you now go to GitLab Pages: and click on the “Read More” button he won’t find the blog article.

But if I publish the page on Netlify: everything works fine.

If I execute the hugo command locally, everything works fine too.

That must be due to the BUILD process of GitLab, right?

Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You don’t have baseURL configured.

Hi, i use relative URLs and i want the site published to different hosts. I don’t think that defining a baseURL will solve my problem.

I think the problem is very clear with the build of GitLab CI.
When I deploy the page via GitLab to an FTP server, I see the “build-result” and the weird folder structure.


one difference is maybe the hugo version. GitLab CI uses hugo (0.55.6-r0) and Netlify v0.59.0-1DD0C69C/extended

Anyone knows an other docker image then alpine with newer hugo version and openssh etc…?

Found a solution.
I have to use the docker image alpine:edge instead of just alpine. This comes with the newest hugo version 0.59

Found the solution here: