Github Dark Theme for Chroma!

Hey, awesome people!

I just created a dark theme for Chroma (Hugo’s built-in syntax highlighter) based on Github’s Dark color scheme. No more client side highlighting for a better dark theme!

The theme will keep up to date with latest Primer styles as I will be using it on my personal site. I have attached a link to the GH repo, if you wanna go ahead and use it.

Feel free to open a issue/PR for improvements. You are also welcome to port it directly into Chroma since I am not yet proficient in Go to open a PR with a theme that automatically updates with Primer.


Hey Aniket,
Thanks for your contribution to the Hugo community. The theme looks fresh and clean. Congrats.
A small suggestion, it would be great if you can add the demo link in the repo

Thanks @Mehedi! Will do that!

Hi @cryptic-code , great theme, I’m considering using it to replace dracula :smile:

By the way, I noticed your site is using PaperMod, some of your articles are very long, if you wish to have the side ToC functionality, check my fork PaperModX to see if it helps.

Thanks @reorx. I will check out your work :wink:

Chroma v2.3.0+ and thus Hugo v0.104.0+ ship with github-dark style by default now. Here’s the PR that added the style.