Add syntax highlighting to theme with dark mode

I am using the LoveIt Theme and am a big fan. I like that it has a mobile mode, a dark mode and is minimal. I however want to add syntax highlighting and can’t seem to figure it out. I want to use highlight.js and one theme for dark mode and another for light mode. My css knowledge exists but is not extensive. All the resources I’ve found don’t seem to match well to the files that are in my theme and I can’t find any resources for how to do one in dark and the other in light. The repo for my blog is here. If you have any resources that could help out a beginner like me I would very much appreciate it. I tried the approach at amber_dot_rbind_dot_io/2017/11/15/syntaxhighlighting/ but it doesn’t change anything. :frowning: If this is the wrong place/wrong way to ask - any guidance is also appreciated.

A suggestion would be to use the built in syntax highlighting, which has dark themes available and instructions on how to generate the stylesheets here. The benefit you get here is faster page loading times:

Otherwise, the best place to get help would be here:

In order to include a stylesheet for highlight.js, you’d need to put it in the static folder for the simplest solution and then reference it in your HTML inside your template(s):