GitHub commit broke link to a single page, but I can't figure out why

I didn’t think I did anything that would touch my “about” page, but now it’s dead after commit 0342b0b.

Here is my repo, and Here is the site.

I’m new to golang and hugo, as in, I have spent a lot of time since…maybe Wednesday? digging in the documentation and the source code. This is the first time I’ve done any of either. I adapted my own theme from one in the gallery and I think maybe I goofed the directory structure and mounted something wrong to hugo’s virtual structure.

I’m hosting on netlify. Cheers.

What is “dead” about it? It loaded for me.

Huh! When I click it, I get the attached. I have my Chrome devtools set to not use the cache when it’s open, so that’s not the issue, but if it’s working for you I must have something else strange happening on my side. Thank you!