getJSON cache raises 'file name too long'

(Mix between feature and support, thought best to post here)

When getting JSON data from an API with a very long url, the download runs fine, but if the cache path is too long, a ‘file name too long’ error is raised. I’m reasonably sure this is the OS not hugo, but this is certainly the right place to raise this!

Obviously this is a reasonably niche issue, but still one all the same, as my site wont build. Whilst i dont know how the cache for this works in hugo, I have come up with a potential solution.

If rather than using the full URL as the filename, you instead used a hash (doesnt matter which), then the filename will be far shorter, and a uniform length. Yes this does make finding a cache file much harder for a user, but for hugo to find it, it’s a minimal computational step extra.

Another alternative would be to store all cache items in a single file, but that feels a bit too weird, and would likely increase the memory footprint.

Open to suggestions, but saving the url as the filename just feels like a massive hack IMO.

A hash as key sounds reasonable, but it would be good if you could create an issue on GitHub to track this.

Commented here incase a discussion was needed, or i’d missed a setting.

Issue created:

Try using “Long Path Tool” program that fixes path too long issues with simplicity.

try Long Path Tool,it’s very helping in long file name

This issue should be fixed in the latest Hugo release, v0.26.