Hugo server generated file name too long error

When i try to run hugo server on the Blowfish repo, i get the file name too long error.
This is the output

hugo server
port 1313 already in use, attempting to use an available port
Watching for changes in /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/{archetypes,assets,data,i18n,layouts,package.json,static,tailwind.config.js}
Watching for config changes in /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/config.toml, /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/config/_default, /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/go.mod
Start building sites … 
hugo v0.123.6-92684f9a26838a46d1a81e3c250fef5207bcb735+extended linux/amd64 BuildDate=2024-02-28T18:29:40Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

ERROR open /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/public/css/main.bundle.min.00dd8b9350ecc82ac2af1f4674a9aad6c9a42e761652b3143d532e4b352bd5ca4750a9e040a76fd03e5d53ef1eb025fa8d60f7c673632f7ca0683ece7f990542.css: file name too long
ERROR open /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/public/js/appearance.min.516a16745bea5a9bd011138d254cc0fd3973cd55ce6e15f3dec763e7c7c2c7448f8fe7b54cca811cb821b0c7e12cd161caace1dd794ac3d34d40937cbcc9ee12.js: file name too long
Built in 95 ms
Error: error building site: open /home/matt/Documents/Projects/DnD/test/blowfish/public/css/main.bundle.min.00dd8b9350ecc82ac2af1f4674a9aad6c9a42e761652b3143d532e4b352bd5ca4750a9e040a76fd03e5d53ef1eb025fa8d60f7c673632f7ca0683ece7f990542.css: file name too long

I’m just cloning the repo and running hugo serve in /blowfish.
The files whose filename are too long seem to be files generated by hugo itself, so i’m not quite sure how i could fix this, i can still build LoveIt sites just fine.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

This can can be a error from the OS … (ex: Windows has a limit of 255 chars - ask google to resolve this)

Switch to a shorter hash, ex: MD5

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