File name too long

I received the following error during the deployment of the application:

fatal: cannot create directory at 'public/ar/market/2024-07-03-مديرو-الأصول-يتوقعون-موافقة-هيئة-الأوراق-المالية-والبورصات-على-أول-صناديق-الاستثمار-المتداولة-في-الولايات-المتحدة-التي-تستثمر-في-الإيثر': File name too long
In the frontmatter, I have:

title = "مديرو الأصول يتوقعون موافقة هيئة الأوراق المالية على صناديق الإيثر"
date = 2024-07-03T21:47:15+03:00
draft = false
slug = "مديرو-الأصول-يتوقعون-موافقة-هيئة-الأوراق-المالية-على-صناديق-الإيثر"

Am I correct in understanding that the file name is taken from the title and the error occurs when creating the public directory? I had to delete the entire public folder and regenerate it with the hugo command. After the last commit, everything deployed fine.

  1. Are there any settings to automatically recreate the problematic file name from the title without deleting the entire folder?
  2. Should there be no errors with a large slug displayed in the URL?