Get rid of a file produced

Hi, sorry for the informative text but I don’t know how to say otherwise. I have this config:

source = “content”
target = “content”
source = “content/”
target = “content/”
source = ‘assets’
target = ‘assets’
source = ‘static’
target = ‘assets’

And want to get rid of the /intro/ and /intro/index.html directory and file produced. Obviously adding

render: false

Is not what I need, or I can kiss my homepage goodbye.

I assume you have a good reson for not simple renaming “” to “”?

Yes. I have work habits and name my files according to their content, so I can get at them immediately in a file browser (broot). searching for one “” when there are a dozen of them does not work for me.
In any case, this is how you do it: add this in config.

render = false
path = ‘/’

I was confused when I was told to use cascade, I don’t really understand why this rule gets to apply after the mounts/remappings and not before, but it does.

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