General question about themes

We have following structure for our

- /customer
-- /projects

- /services

- /pages


and our layouts-folder

- baseof.html
- single.html

- single.html
-- /project.html
-- single.html

-- single.html

- kontakt.html
- single.html

- nav.html


So you see we use the “template-folder-system” for add the design (.html) to our content (.md).

And if i want to visit the page i have to use the url:

Now my 2 Questions:
Is it possible to change the url to something like ?
And is there a other way to connect the content (.md) to the design (.html). ?
Maybe a “entry” in the .md file itself:

theme: "/layouts/project-theme.html"

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Daniel_Lassak you can simply add the URL management for each section in the config.toml

    customer = "/:slug/"

the /:slug/ will refer to slug in your content front matter.

to connect your content to specific template I usualy use type and layout in the front matter

type: "customer"
layout: "single"
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