Hugo in Action now in Early Access

Hey Friends,

I wanted to announce with great pleasure that Hugo In Action, a book aimed as an introduction to building static websites with Hugo has now reached the Manning Early Access Program(MEAP).

The book is very much in development and undergoing not only addition of new chapters but also revisions to the old ones. I look forward to hearing from you on the livebook forums as well here in the Hugo forums on suggestions, feedback and critique. I am happy to change the direction of the book based on feedback from the community on the content as well as the structure.

I really wish to thank the entire Hugo development team and the user community for helping me become successful with Hugo and become so comfortable with it that I could take this endeavor.

Hugo In Action


The book is going out to print. Buy it using, use pubjain to get 40% off (valid till March 27).

Hi @atishay

Nice job really like the use of diagrams. You started in 2019, is the content still relevant in 2022? or will it be full of outdated, deprecated chapters. which Hugo version are you discussing in this book I read the freely available chapters to get an idea. but wonder how relevant it will be


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The book has been redone multiple times. The version begin released has everything until Hugo 0.92 including js.Build (entire chapter), resources.GetRemote (entire section), Hugo Modules (entire chapter), and even smaller features like watermarks.

The core concepts of Hugo have had few changes and the concept of page bundles and content views continue to be the centerpieces of a Hugo website. I have been active on Hugo GitHub issues and have been actively participating in some issues that turned into features needed for the book. The book also touches on the rest of the Jamstack like having dynamic forms and functions.

The source code accompanying the book is at GitHub - hugoinaction/hugoinaction: Website for and source code accompanying Hugo In Action. Feel free to browse and see if the features you are looking at ate discussed in the book.


thanks for providing the details, will purchase once your publisher’s website start working again. currently it is down or at least this is what it shows me.

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