Function "site" not defined


I am using an old theme and I am trying to update it manually (GitHub - alanorth/hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog: A blogging-centric Bootstrap v4 theme for the Hugo static site generator.). The website can be deployed locally (with blockdown in Rstudio) but when I push it to Github, it fails.
The error I get in several html templates is as follows

function “site” not defined

Can you help me? Thank you very much.

Which version of Hugo are you using to build your site (a) locally and (b) with GitHub Pages?

The global site function was introduced a long time ago in v0.53.

Thanks for your answer.
(a) Locally I am using 0.127.0
(b) with Github Pages, how can I see this ?

Look at your workflow file, presumably .github/workflows/something.

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