Fsevents for watching on macOS?

As a macOS and hugo user, I have been facing ulimit issues.
I know hugo has some ways to address this issues (poll flag).

My expectation is that it will be more efficient to use fsevents for watching if possible.
I made a dirty prototyping with fsnotify/fsevents on local.
And then, I found that it may be possible.

While I regard it as best that fsnotify/fsnotify will support fsevents on macOS in the future, do you have any opinions for instaling fsnotify/fsevents?

If you can get the tests in hugo/poller_test.go at master · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub to pass, go for it.

OK. I do not have any tests currently. I will try.

OK, I notice now that this package uses CGO, which I’m hesitant to add without further discussion. I suggest you create a proposal on GitHub.

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