Hugo 0.56 'watch' not working

After upgrading to 0.56, the ‘watch’ functionality of ‘hugo server’ seems to be selectively working. Specifically, running “hugo server -D --disableFastRender” (or any permutation) says it is monitoring the config.toml file and the various “site/{archetypes,content,data,layouts,static,themes}” directories, but changes to some pick up and are rendered while changes to others (specifically my config.toml file) are not. I took the liberty of creating a GIF illustrating the problem directly:

Is this a bug, or was there some functionality change I missed in the changelog?

I just tried this with the 0.56.1 patch release, and it has identical behavior. Just for the record :slight_smile:

After some consideration, I do believe this to be a bug. I’ve opened to track this issue.

Yea, I simplified the config loading code path to add support for more config dirs/files (go.mod etc.) – and some old knowledge about Vim etc. acting a little weird about the OS events they trigger got lost in that translations. Sorry about that. It’s fixed in master and will get in its patch release soon.