[complete beginner] cannot get watch for changes - live upload to work

On OSX 10.11.3, Hugo 0.15

I am just trying it all out, so probably I am missing something very obvious. If I follow the quickstart tutorial, I cannot get the live update feature to work.
I change the about.md file of my site in TextWrangler, save the file: the site does not change in my browser. I click reload the page in my browser: changes still not visible. I Ctrl-C close the Hugo server, then start the server again, yes: changes are visible.

My guess is thus that there is not per se a problem with live upload, but with the watching. Somehow changes aren’t noticed and no rebuilding is triggered, it seems.

commands used:
hugo server --theme=hyde --buildDrafts

same results with
hugo server --watch --theme=hyde --buildDrafts

this seems related:

although I do not understand everything that is said in that discussion, I get the impression that whatever was the case, it is solved.

It is, but only in the latest development version of Hugo. The fix will be in the coming Hugo release. It is fairly simple to use the latest source version; on Mac I believe brew has an option for that, and go get is an option if you have Go installed.

ah ok since I am using 0.15 and that discussion was about 0.14, I thought it would have been incorporated already. I’d rather not use a development version actually. I can work around this by just starting stopping the server every once in a while. Is there also a command I can type while hugo server is running, to force it to make the site anew?

No … but a workaround for you may be to use a different text editor. TextEdit should work, Brackets is good and should work … I use Byword to edit markdown on Mac, and that works fine with livereload on Hugo 0.15.

Actually, since 0,15, I’ve had this problem intermittently too… and I’m now using Atom instead of TextMate.

I suspect it’s to do with the new default rendering to RAM behaviour, because if I use: hugo server --watch --renderToDisk it always behaves properly.