Frontmatter "standards" for portable content

This isn’t really a Hugo question, but perhaps someone here might have an idea.

Is there any kind of “standard” or rules that people are following in regards to frontmatter key names, in order to make data more portable between themes & projects, and other SSG.

For example, suppose I wanted to add Open Graph meta tags to my site. I would find a theme that has support, and perhaps the keys are:


But then I decide to move to a new theme, but the new theme uses:


My content is now incompatible and I am locked to the original theme unless I modify either the theme or my content. I feel like a lot of people like to use Markdown, because it’s simple and portable, but some of that portability is lost when you tie yourself to a theme.

I have been thinking for a while about building a Hugo “framework” where I would like to combat some of these issues, where, to some degree standards are enforced to increase portability of code snippets & content. But I don’t want to duplicate any effort that someone else may have already started.

There is no standard. Sometimes folks bring them up, for specific keys or configs.

It is generally fairly easy to modify a theme, and override templates locally. I think that is the “state of the art”. :slight_smile: