Frontmatter resource wildcards not expanding

From the documentation, I tried setting front matter resources:
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

- src: '*specs.pdf'
  title: 'Specification #:counter'
- name: pdf-file-:counter
  src: '**.pdf'

With this shortcode…

{{ .Page.Params.Resources }}

<th>List of files</th>
{{ range .Page.Params.Resources }}
<tr><td>{{ .Name }}</td></tr>
{{ end }}

…I get this result (the wildcard should be expanded, no?)

[map[src:*specs.pdf title:Specification #:counter] map[name:pdf-file-:counter src:**.pdf]]
List of files

We are not modifying the Params, so that is not surprisingly kept as is. The counter and wildcards are used as template/specification for how we name the resources in the Page. So you need to look at the resources, from a shortcode range .Page.Resources.

You can follow the example below: