Right approach for :counter

I have been trying to name some of my resource images using :counter, but hugo throws an error everytime. The code looks like this:

  • name: s:counter
    src: ‘amys-baking-company.jpg’
    src: ‘Levantis-Italian-Restaurant.jpg’
    src: ‘Mill-Street-Bistro.jpg’
    src: ‘Yannis.jpg’

    What am I doing wrong?

As per the example in the Doc:

- src: '*specs.pdf'
  title: 'Specification #:counter'
- name: pdf-file-:counter
  src: '**.pdf'

Instead of specifying multiple src parameters, use glob pattern matching like: src: '**.jpg'

Thank you. Now my code looks like:

  • name: s:counter
    src: ‘**.jpg’

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