Params inside page resources front matter

As I am new to Hugo, I am having trouble understanding the underlying concept behind params used inside page resources front-matter. Why is it used and what is its main function? The docs doesn’t give a clear picture on its use. Here is the screenshot:

This helps you manage your resources metadata.

To give you a sample use case: say you have a photo gallery. You want to keep track of the appropriate credits for each photo you use. You can’t store this information in the photo itself, so you would add this to its metadata:

- src: apricot.png
  title: Apricots in Basket
    photographer: J. Doe
    license: CC0
- src: banana.png
  title: Box of Bananas
    photographer: J. Doe
    license: copyright J. Doe

… and so on.

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Thank you so much. I understand now.

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