Fatal error: concurrent map read and map writer

I’ve been having the occasional panic and shutdown (roughly 1 in 12-15 saves/live reloads) when running hugo server.

Here are the stats on my machine:

  • MacBook Pro
  • OSX 10.11.6
  • go 1.7 darwin/amd64
  • Hugo v0.16 BuildDate: 2016-06-06T07:37:59-05:00

My first thought was to check taxonomies on individual content pages. The only taxonomy I’m using is tags, which are included in every content .md, even if just an empty array (ie, tags: []).

Here is a gist of the error I’m getting in the terminal. Thoughts?

Your stack trace suggests you use Go 1.6.2. Could you try Go 1.7 and maybe also with an up to date Hugo?

The thing you see is probably https://github.com/golang/go/issues/16101

Have no idea when that happens, though.

@bep Figured adding to this thread was better than creating a new one. I’m getting the following error with every other save at the moment. I will report as a bug on GH as well.

Not sure what could be causing this error so (in)consistently:

go version

go version go1.7.1 darwin/amd64

hugo version

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.17 BuildDate: 2016-10-07T09:42:05-05:00

Installed via brew.

Woa …

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