Concurrent map write panic error


I am frequently seeing the following fatal error when building my site. I’m unfortunately not even sure how to parse through the error in order to debug. Can anyone offer direction?

Thank you!

Can you reproduce the problem with the current version, v0.87.0?

While I haven’t tested v0.87.0 yet, this has been a consistent issue for me on this specific site since v0.75.1.

In the topic that you referenced, @bep mentioned that this golang issue might be the cause. That issue was addressed with go 1.17 which was released on 16 Aug 2021.

Please keep an eye on future Hugo releases, and re-test once go 1.17 has been included.

Sounds great. Thank you!

@jmooring, I updated to v0.87.0, and build failures have dropped drastically.

We have had that patch in Hugo 0.81.0.