Free Hosted Analytics Providers that Aren't Google

For me, analytics are useful to track performance, page views and 404’s. Having converted from PHP (WordPress), I’m still seeing lots of accesses to …/index.php which I now redirect to the actual page using Netlify’s excellent redirect capability. I wouldn’t know that those were an ongoing issue without analytics since I don’t get any log files from Netlify.

I don’t really need anything else.

To be honest I think that I am going to turn off analytics from the small projects I manage.

It’s not worth it… serving visitor’s data to 3rd party providers and I hardly ever bother looking at the stats.

If I ever buy a hosting plan again I might go back to AWStats or Server logs.

BTW I’ve looked into IPFS. This project has some big funding from private capital and it is looking into creating a decentralized web that aims to replace the existing WWW.

It’s very ambitious of them and it is far from ready for prime time.

I did the same. I never cared about looking at analytics. I cared about if anyone found any posts interesting and their feedback, but comments are useful for that.

After getting rid of the analytics, my site is so much lighter, and I am also respecting the visitor’s privacy.

This looks like an interesting project. Keep us posted how this implementation goes for you.

Here are 2 alternatives I stumbled across:

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Just a note to say that if you front your site with Cloudflare, even the free tier has some really useful analytics that are not intrusive to end users.