Fotnotes in orgmode: The anchors seem wrong

When I click a footnote (any footnote) on a page, I get taken back to my homepage, rather than taken to the appropriate anchor on the current page.

I’m using orgmode formatted text with pagebundles and:

hugo v0.91.2-1798BD3F windows/amd64 BuildDate=2021-12-23T15:33:34Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

(I moved to this version today from 0.89.1 to see if it helped with this issue … it didn’t)

If I create a footnote, e.g., like this:

Very low on self discipline[fn:2]

[fn:2] Who doesn't love self discipline

The html code that is produced looks like this:

<p>Very low on self discipline<sup class="footnote-reference"><a id="footnote-reference-2" href="#footnote-2">2</a></sup></p>

and the target looks like this:

<div class="footnote-definition">
<sup id="footnote-2"><a href="#footnote-reference-2">2</a></sup>
<div class="footnote-body">
<p>Who doesn't love self discipline</p>

In my config.toml I have:

relativeURLS = false
canonifyURLs = true

I wonder what I might have done wrong. Any hints?

If you are using any javascript based dynamic content replacements check if they change the way the # works in navigation between content.

Without a complete repo to test with, we can’t say much more about potential issues.

Thanks for a quick reply. There is no javascript on the site nowadays (I just removed the last bit today).

As for a repo, the complete site lives at: GitHub - psmith1303/petersmith: My academic blog (mainly) and the example page on the live site is at | Saku Mantere

(Oh, there is some templating for webmentions ‘in progress’ but I don’t think that’s related to this problem … which predates that).

Actually, on a quick scan it might be doing something. Disable it for a moment and test.

Try remove this line:


Whooho. Thank you.

Removing that line worked on my local hugo server, so I’ve made a commit and am pushing it out to Netlify.

Now to go and re-read the docs to figure out why I had that line there in the first place.

Thank you again.

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