Forum annoyance: where are the unread posts?

At least once a week I try to read up on all Hugo topics to see if I can help somewhere, learn new things, and keep up to date about Hugo.

However, it quite annoys me that there is no listing of unread posts so that I can make sure I see everything that’s new.

  • The ‘New’ link in the top header only contains new topics, but not new posts in existing topics.
  • The ‘Latest’ link in the top header shows recent posts, but also the topics that I already read fully. (Which takes a lot of scrolling to search for unread posts.)
  • And if I ‘watch’ a certain category, then I get a notification to my icon in the top right of each and every post. (Which is way too aggressive.)

Am I overlooking some feature, or is it simply not possible to efficiently read up on the forum?

I think what you’re looking for is more or less addressed in the email preferences where you can get recaps, etc. It’s pretty intelligent software, but mostly in the hands of the user as to how it’s consumed. You can probably find more of what you’re looking for at

Interesting @budparr I don’t think I’ve ever touched the preferences, but every time I come to the forums, I have “Unread” and “New” as dropdowns. @Jura you don’t see this on the top left of the forum homepage?

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Thanks for the replies!

I have the option in the preferences of When I don’t visit here, send an email digest of what’s new: enabled and set to Weekly, but have yet to receive a email message from the forum.

Do I perhaps need to enable something else for those recaps?

I do see ‘Unread’, but that currently stands at 1 topic for me. If I hover over ‘Unread’, I see that is only shows the topic I’m currently watching or tracking.

That means ‘Unread’ contains unread posts from topic already known to me.

I do see ‘New’, and that currently stands at 70 topics. The text of that link says ‘topics created in the last few days’. So that will be the new topics for me.

What’s missing in my view are the unread posts in topics that I do not watch or track.

Perhaps the Automatically track topics I enter setting can help, which I’ve now set to ‘Immediate’. If I understand that setting correctly, now I’ll track everything I read from the ‘New’ page so that, on my next visit, it appears in the ‘Unread’ tab.