Confusing setting: "Consider topics new when created in the last 2 days"

In preferences, I find the text:

Consider topics new when

created in the last 2 days

Consider for what? Getting responses for threads I am tracking? Every thread irrespective of tracking? Not at all clear what this is meant to be.

This sounds like your theme has introduced this setting. Maybe it is adding a marker “new” to new posts that is decided by this setting.

Please post code samples for WHERE in your preferences you find that text and which theme you are using. I don’t know any option in Hugo that does that.

Are we talking about the same thing?? I am talking about the setting in -

We were not :wink:
This is a forum setting that sorts posts into a navigation sub-item. There is “Latest”, “New”, “Unread”. New depends on that setting, Latest is just the last posts sorted descending and Unread is everything you participated in with updates/responses.