Formspree Ajax forms no longer free - how to switch to alternative options?

Formspree has recently removed AJAX contact form creation from non-Gold (free) accounts:

My theme and possibly other themes have implemented these AJAX forms which no longer work for users creating new contact forms (unless they sign up for a Formspree Gold account).

I’m weighing the options of switching to a new contact form service altogether that allow AJAX calls for free, or remaining with Formspree and building an option into the theme to have a regular form.

What would be the safest way to go about either option A or option B without breaking the theme for existing users? I wouldn’t want them to pull down a new version of the theme and break their current forms.

I think that the simplest way would be to check whether the .Site.Param ajaxFormspree exists in config.toml

You can do this using with in your theme’s template and if the param doesn’t exist use else to include the html for the alternative form service.

Also you would need to replace the above parameter from your theme’s example site config with a new one for the new service.

This way whoever is already using Ajax forms with Formspree should continue to do so, while new users will be directed to the alternative.

Also you should update your theme’s ReadMe.

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