How to make the Dimensions theme contact form functional?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve launched a site with dimensions theme. It has the built in contacts form, however it has no integrated method of actually sending an email. I was curious if anyone has used this theme and activated the contact form and could point me in the right direction for (1) a good email forwarding service to utilize, and (2) where to put the code in the project for it to work.

Apologies in advance, still learning.


Static sites can’t handle forms on their own, so you’ll need some sort of external service to make it work. I’d recommend or Formspree has a free tier, but Netlify requires you to pay for form handling. I hope that helps.

Someone asked me about this in email, so I’ll update the Readme with instructions.

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I’ve been deep in the world of js and totally forgot about it. I threw formspree in and it works well enough. Thank you for the quick reply though! Cheers!

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Plus I like the theme. Thank you for your work!