Flat out frustrated about to give up. 5 days of trying is enough

need website up. can’t do so. I am using archlinux. I am sorry but I have had enough. I am about to break my laptop. Tale is one theme how. where can I get help or someone please tell me to give up.

I feel stupider each time like literally, I can’t think like I used to. physics. how do i get help?

What are you attempting to do?

We provide volunteer assistance here in the forums. And I am a moderator here, and encourage folks to learn stuff all day long. But also, I live on Earth, and life is rough. And it sounds like Hugo isn’t important to your job or life, so I’d say “eject, eject!”

Maybe come back later, or find a different project. But don’t let it get ya down. It isn’t worth it. Good luck! :slight_smile: