Not good community support

I used static site generators before , specially Jekyll.
I was attracted to Hugo because it uses Go all what you need to install it is to download the executable. no dependencies on node, or ruby or anything.
It is easy to install on a client machine.
But unfortunately, the community is one of the worst I have ever seen.
I asked two questions, and there was no answer at all.
Even the questions I asked are not available in Hugo, I was expecting someone will answer and says it is not available.

Sorry we did not meet your expecations. Hugo is a small community, but I feel that the few try their best to respond to the questions they know about.

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I’m one of several active community members that tries to give back by answering questions on the forum. Both questions you asked a couple days ago were about areas of Hugo that I’m less familiar with, so I didn’t respond.

As @bep said, Hugo is still fairly young and, therefore, has a small but growing community. Instead of introducing yourself to the community by calling us the worst you’ve ever seen, how about helping to improve things? You could update your post by letting us know that you found the answer already and help the rest of us learn from what you found. Even better, help improve the documentation to help clear up any confusing parts you find there.

I called it the worst, because I saw that all other questions answered and even questions after my questions were answered, and I was expecting at least acknowledgment from the active members that you don’t have answer to my questions.
I would like to help, and I will add how I solved my requirements when I am done.

@gkar68 you have a very odd definition of “Worst community”.

My definition of a very bad community would be one where there is activity but it’s all negative and destructive. Conversely a very good community is one that is inclusive, open and polite. It is these qualities that we value most in a community. While the Hugo community is small, it is growing. These values will ensure that that growth is productive and retains the community aspect.

This thread was started with a very aggressive post. It would be a natural human reaction to be aggressive back, especially when this attack came on people who willingly volunteer their time at their own cost to help others for the sake of community. Instead two community members replied in very polite ways.

I believe that this thread is actually the best evidence we have of “Good community”.

It is regretful that nobody replied to your other posts. As you can see there are lots of posts and questions asked and the volunteers do their best to answer many of them. It’s not unusual for a post to go unanswered in any forum, even ones backed by corporations. Open source is built on the idea that we can work together and produce something of value. The success of any open source project depends on people appreciating the work done ahead of them and contributing back.

You (and others like you) are the solution to the exact problem you are now experiencing. We would be glad to have you as part of this community helping to make Hugo succeed.


While I of course can understand that it’s annoying to get no reply on a question, I think you misunderstand that people here on the forum are under no obligation to answer. Hugo is free software and that means there’s also no dedicated support staff for answering to questions. You might want to try another product if you’re looking for dedicated support.

I’ve asked a lot of questions on the forum and haven’t helped much since I’m not that good in Hugo. But for what it’s worth, the replies I got were better than much of the forums of commercial products that I also visit, which have dedicated ‘forum employees’. So I think the Hugo community is very good.

By the way, ‘bumping’ your topic is probably preferable to saying that the community is ‘not good’ or ‘worst’, especially since we rely on the kindness and friendliness of other people to help. A little bit of diplomacy goes a long way. :slight_smile:

With all the replies on this post, and all the time these heart worm volunteers spent on replying to this post, with all their moral lectures.
If , and just if, 10% of this time was spent on answering one of my neglected posts, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.