Filters for image processing?

Dear community!

Is it possible to use Blur, Sharpen, AdjustGamma, Grayscale … for image processing—as provided by Imaging ?


No, but nothing is stopping you from using css filters:

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Thank you.

No, but nothing is stopping you from using css filters

Yes, I use CSS filters, mix-blend-mode etc. Pre-processing would probably be slightly better in terms of performance.

I would say that most of these fits best into “preprocessing the original with Photoshop or similar”. We could expose the imaging filters, but that would create a very tight coupling with that library (what if something even faster comes along, or what if that library becomes unmaintained) for reasons that I’m not a big fan of in the first place.


Ok, I understand the reason.

That is no problem. I just love the concept of separating layout and content completely—including images. And Hugo’s image processing is such an excellent way to do so.

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