Filmgarb - a blog that links you to shirts worn on tv/film

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Background info

I made this website as a hobby in 2013. For the first couple of years I updated the content regularly. There’s about 641 item posts on it currently. In recent years I haven’t had time to update the content so much of the content on it is from 5+ years ago, but I am hoping to dedicate a little time every week to doing content updates.

Technical Info
When first launched I used a Wordpress custom theme, as that was one of the main platforms I used to develop on. In recent years I’ve moved to using static gens whenever possible. I had some time recently and I wanted to migrate the site from Wordpress to Hugo (as Hugo is my favorite static gen).

There were a few hiccups, but in the end it all worked out. My goals were a lightning quick website without sacrificing core functionality (my pagespeed score for most pages is around 99) and to focus the design on usability on mobile (~75% of all visitors on not on desktops).

I wanted to share this project with everyone, especially since I’ve come around here asking questions multiple times. I hope the source code can help anyone else trying to do similar things.

Thank you all!


Cool. Curious: Do you get any money in return from Amazon from these links? And if yes, does it pay more than a cup of coffee?


Yes, the amazon links do give you a commission on sales leads. It is more than a cup of coffee, but generally less than a fancy dinner for 2, especially when you count in server costs (Netlify Pro + Analytics).

Obviously it all depends on traffic. There was a time several years ago when I was getting a lot of more daily visitors (1000 - 10k per day vs the 100s -1k now) and the amount was more substantial, but still not something most people would consider “a good amount.”

I hope it was alright to post this, if not I can edit the post to just link to the source code. If you’d like more specifics about the linkage, feel free to email me, I’m an open book.

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