fileExists and imageConfig not working with mounted files

    - source: images
      target: static/images
{{ fileExists "static/images/abc.png" | warnf "%v" }}
{{ imageConfig "static/images/abc.png" | warnf "%v" }}


WARN  false
ERROR Rebuild failed: render: failed to render pages: render of "home" failed: "C:\Users\razon\Projects\hugomods\site\main\layouts\index.html:3:3": execute of template failed at <imageConfig "static/images/abc.png">: error calling imageConfig: file does not exist

I can access the image in http://localhost:1313/images/abc.png after removing those lines.
I’m not sure if it should be considered as a bug, since it’s a rare use case, I don’t mount folder like this.

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