Check if file exists in a template?

I’m trying to check if a file exists, and if it does, display it in the template.

In my /layout/books/single.html I have:

{{ if (fileExists "cover.jpg") -}}
   <img src="cover.jpg" />
{{- end }}

My content directory has:


However the image isn’t displayed nor is the img tag present in view source. I’m not sure where the fileExists check will be relative to. The image file file does exist in the public directory


How can I conditionally display an image based on whether the file is there or not?

Since your image is inside the page bundle, you can use .GetMatch:

So, something like

{{ with .Resources.GetMatch "cover.jpg" }}
<img src="{{ .Permalink }}" >
{{ end }}

Out of curiosity is there a reason my fileExists check failed?

You probably want to test on this path:

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