File not being re-generated

Hugo v0.24

1 - Create new Site
2 - Create new Theme
3 - Updated theme//layout/index.thml add "index"
4 - Update config.toml to add the theme
5 - hugo serve
6 - Validate the “index” at http://localhost:1313/
7 - Create an layout/index.html with “overrided” content
8 - Validate the overrided content at localhost:1313/
9 - Edit the layout/index.html and delete he lie in vi “dd” and save the file :wq
10 - Validate old content “overrided” is still there… at localhost:1313/
11- Edit the layout/index.html and insert “test” and save the file :wq
12 - Validate old content “test” is there… at localhost:1313/
13 - retest from step 9 to 12, behavior still the same.

Take a few minutes and read through some support tickets that have be solved.

You’ll note the best ways to ask for help, and then try again here. Open your request with what you expect to happen, and what is actually happening. Link to your source code.

These are your best chances to get help here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, not that I really needed help, just pointing out a weird behavior.

What should of happened I was expecting that the content would be blank when going to the /index.html, but it was still serving the old layout content.

Emptying a layout file wasn’t getting regnerated.

I though i had put enough details oh well :slight_smile:

If you’ve found a bug, please create an issue on GitHub.