Request of code review: content not generated on "hugo" command

Hello there,

I have some weird issue with hugo but I can’t figure out is it a bug or my incorrect usage, tried to check documentation but couldn’t find any information on the topic.

For some reason except homepage other hierarchy of content isn’t generated but if I start hugo server and change the layout while it’s running they do regenerate.

I don’t use theme, three layouts: list.html, nutritional-data.html, index.html

If someone has 5-10 minutes to quickly review my three layouts and content folder please be kind to guide me what I am doing wrong

Here’s the code:

Change the home page file name from to

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Yep, it works now =) Thank you sir. What the difference between the two _index.html and index.html, could you share please some documentation page to learn about my mistake?

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Thank you

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