Feed aggregation using Hugo

I am thinking of setting up a simple feed aggregation framework using Hugo for an open source community (ie a “blogroll”). The general idea is to

  1. get the Atom/RSS feeds, eg with wget/curl,
  2. parse and break up the feeds to .md files,
  3. generate a static site with Hugo.

Eg run the whole thing from a (non-public) server every 2 hours with cron, serve using Github pages or similar.

Before rolling my own solution, I am wondering if there is a (reasonably customizable) tool for step 2. that I could use, or even an example someone created.

There’s a golang feed parser that might be a starting point. https://github.com/mmcdole/gofeed

Or if you speak javascript, the guy who developed RSS in the first place has developed “River”, which parses/aggregates your feeds for consumption in the browser. http://river4.smallpict.com/2014/09/20/whatIsRiverbrowser.html

Edit: or in python, and this time it’s actually design to output md.

Edit2: in perl: https://github.com/wesleyhales/blog-to-markdown

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