Porting from Jekyll and need an ATOM feed and RSS feed

Hi all,

I have just ported my blog from Jekyll (and all is cool), however I need to support both ATOM and RSS feeds as individual files (not the merged namespace support that the RSS feed has). I am currently struggling to find in the docs how to create new section files so that I can support rss.xml and say an atom.xml


@PaulKinlan, this page http://gohugo.io/templates/rss/ implies you can override the embedded rss feed, rewriting the template as you need, but, it does not appear you can do more than change what is there.

Unless Hugo will still render the default as well as whatever you specify.

No, this isn’t currently supported (both).

Today Hugo only supports creating one type of feed at a time.

It would be pretty easy to modify Hugo to add a second feed type.

Here are some relevant places in the code. You would primarily just need to call the
renderAndWriteXML function again with a different set of templates.

I’m a bit puzzled as to why this is a requirement though.