External RSS feed data - leave handling to hugo?

Hi there,
I’m doing the planning for a blog where several feeds are used as the basis for blog posts. Think of this as an episode discussion blog using the feed data as metadata/data. I don’t want to write the metadata stuff myself everytime so ideally the feed data should be present and usable in the layout.

The plan is:

  1. Feed data in, then hugo magic up to the point of a pre-populated post with feed metadata/data for each item
  2. optional - auto-updated tags/categories for each feed description - i.e. description of the feed overal, not the single items

My first thought was going old school with a cron’d script to do the feed parsing and issuing hugo new post/{sth}.md for every new item. This would work reasonably well as the “server” part.

Using getJSON (with an online xml to json converter) or similar might be a way to go hugo only.

Now my question is: How much of external tooling should I use? Can I do all of this with just hugo? Should I?