Feature request: SitemapIndex for sitemaps with >50K links

Proposal: When sitemap.xml entries cross 50K, the sitemapindex.xml methodology should automatically be used such that sitemap_1.xml, sitemap_2.xml etc are automatically produced with no more than 50K URLs each, and pointed to by the parent manifest

Underlying issue: Unable to submit a monolingual site with 56K pages (and growing!) to Google Webmaster Tools indexer page: “Too Many URLs - Your Sitemap contains too many URLs. Please create multiple Sitemaps with up to 50000 URLs each and submit all Sitemaps.”

(hugo v0.83.1)

Reference from:

Often requested, but technically not possible. The nearest you will get is probably @ju52’s solution in the answers here:

The sitemap you are referring to is by the way more or less a sample for “normal” sites. Having 50k+ pages is a bit out of normal and you are better off doing your layouts without using internal layouts.


Thinking deeper about this, it’s probably possible to create that using a custom post type, then using the list template of that post type to count the items and link the sitemap files with x items each as sitemap index, then using the single template to create a sitemap for x items starting at filenumber*x and showing x items.