Sitemaps Index and then partition such that aach sitemap less than 5k links

Hugo on default creates sitemap in single file with all the links, since one of my site have more than 50 thousand pages, I need sitemaps to be parted in 5 thousand links per sitemap.

As of my knowledge search console and search engines cutoff in September 2021, there isn’t an automatic solution in Hugo to limit the number of URLs in a sitemap to a specific number.
How can i part me sitemaps like wordpress where there is sitemap index file and then in it listing to other sitemaps which have less than 5000 links per sitemap.

IMHO there is no solution out of the box …

You can define 10…11 costum output formats for sitemaps and select the needed entries in the templates with range expressions

Not nice, but you have to do it only one time :wink:


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There is an open issue for this: