Generating multiple sitemaps - One sitemap for each folder and subfolder in public

I can see that Hugo generates sitemaps automatically when you build a site.
But I would like to generate sitemaps per folder. Is there an option in Hugo itself. Or could someone point me in the right direction?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I have done it for HOME and SECTION, you can try to extend it.
My sample repo is there

1st add output formats in config.toml
2nd define templates under layouts/_default


I am sorry to have replied late, but I accepted the answer the very next day. Thank you so much. It worked perfectly.

@ju52 this is the pretties config file I’ve seen. Some indentation and section delimters do wonders.


This is a subset of my Playground site.
As old senior IT (now retired) I need something to play around and train the brain :slight_smile:

I take some suggestions ans solutions from the forum and try how it works. The original them was strata. I changed CSS to tachions.

Happy to help here - a little.
Thanks ffor the response.


@ju52 [ Thank You ]

This is why we love Hugo (and the community !!!). I hope one-day Hugo becomes as popular as WordPress and everybody starts taking advantage of this beautiful ssg.

@bep [From a Big Fan]

I am a developer and I can definitely (with the help of the community) make a Hugo website, but it would be great if Hugo can be made into a full-fledged CMS with nice installers and tools (GUI).

This would help non-developers the push needed to get started with Hugo.

If Hosting providers start acknowledging the one-click installers, then it would be golden.

I hope I have expressed my thoughts and intentions clearly … :slight_smile: