Create a sitemap-index.xml

I just realized that Hugo is creating a sitemap-index.xml only if I use multilingual features. My idea of a sitemap index however is a file that sorts for instance posts and taxonomies into their own sitemap-files. Is there any way other than to create a custom output format to achieve this? (don’t want to reinvent the tyre.)

There is also (while we are on the subject of sitemaps) the issue of max-items per sitemap. A sitemap file can contain up to 50k links (or 50MB size). Sure. It’s hard to get up to this number. But if, will hugo respect this or just add until it’s done?

I think I will create a component for that job just to cut it down to multiple files (filesize!!) and use outputFormats to create sitemaps. But if anybody has dabbled with this topic and is able to look through Hugo’s code - let me know :wink:

I have a top sitemap and for every section.
under _default are the home.sitemap and section.sitemap templates.
The section sitemap is limited :wink:

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