Expected behavior of aliases with `hugo server`

A quick question, before I do up a test case: What is the expected behavior of ‘aliases’ with the local server hugo server -b http://localhost:1313/.

I am getting 404’s (only on aliases) with the server unless I --renderToDisk (when I do that it works fine).

Is it expected (by devs, not what I was expecting) that aliases will 404 with the in-memory server, or is this a potential bug report (with more details of course, since it may be more complex than ‘just’ adding aliases; I won’t know until I work on the minimal test case)?


Saw the update release notes on Github:

NOTE: We seem to have introduced an issue with /static synching of files in this release, so we recommend wait for the v0.97.3 and roll back to the v0.97.0 or earlier for now.

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