Latest Hugo broke all my site aliases

With the new Hugo all my site aliases fail with errors like:

ERROR: 2016/06/11 17:05:33 site.go:2116: Failed to make a RelativeURL alias: /foo/bar/baz/ redirecting to

These worked fine in the previous release (~Nov '15). Can anyone enlighten me as to what’s changed and what I need to do to make them work again?

EDIT: it seems that if I set relativeURLs=false in the config these work again. I’m a bit worried that there’s something else that would stop working though because I can’t remember why I set that to true in the first place.

This looks like we have introduced some kind of bug. I will check it, see:

Are you sure that the particular alias / link was correct and working ?

(I probably caused this as a side effect of the PR to remove the baseUri from redirect links)

Yes. They all worked fine before (and to be clear, 100% of them spit out errors like that, it’s not just one or two), and indeed they work fine if I turn off relative URLs.