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Hi and a virusfree good evening to all!
I set up my webpage http://www.cerxu.de with hugo, bootstrap and a lot of help from my friend Thomas.
Actually I’m sort of newbie when it comes to coding.
My problem is that I have set up a new folder in my /literatur/ section called “rov”. The poems in there I don’t want to appear in my /literatur/list.html - I only want have the “rov.md” appear as this one leads to the other poems in this subsection/leaf bundle. This problem you’ll find on http://www2.cerxu.de/
Thank you in advance for considering it a thought and don’t be too angry with me if you have to write “this has all been solved a hundred years ago here:…”

You should share the repo for your site; we’ll need to see how the template is constructed to advise.

Yes maiki, sorry, my fault! Actually I had become confused with git hub, but now I’ve set a repo:

Thanks for your concern and your help in advance!
Best wishes - Stay Healthy!

That isn’t a leaf bundle; they contain index.md.

I don’t know if that addresses your overall issue, but you need to be sure your content is set up the way you want before you figure out how to list it. :slight_smile: