Error: The process '/usr/bin/git' failed with exit code 1

Hi there,
I am having issues deploying my Hugo site from GitHub. Has anyone had exit code 1 before and has any idea what I could do?

An exit code of 1 simply indicates failure, not the details.

You will need to share your action log, or point to your project’s public repository.

Ah sorry. You can find the repository here.

I didn’t spend any time troubleshooting your workflow file. Instead, I used the workflow file from the Hugo documentation (Host on GitHub Pages | Hugo), which is based on the Hugo starter workflow published by the GitHub Pages team.

After replacing your workflow file, follow steps 2 through 4 in the documentation, then trigger a new build.

Here’s my test:

And you need to delete the old workflow file (deploy.yml).

Thanks Joe, this worked like a charm!

You’re welcome. Test repo deleted.

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